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Our Book of the Week Is...

Stars in Solindel
by Sara Tierney

Prince Garrick is cocky, arrogant, selfish, and heir to the throne of Cryslador. So, when he shows up in Solindell, only chaos ensues. His romantic intentions towards the King’s charming niece Rhianna led to her abduction by Garrick’s former lover, Rowena. Now a powerful dark sorceress, Rowena will stop at nothing to have Garrick for her own once again. When Rhianna’s cousin Raine leaves Solindell in search of her, it is more heartbreak than the King can possibly stand. He sinks into a state of sorrow where he cares for nothing, not even running his kingdom, leaving Solindell open to invasion by Rowena, hoping to use her position as another tactic to force Garrick to come back to her. Now, Raine must not only rescue Rhianna, but also with the aid of a rogue wilderness man, Daragen, and a woodland sprite, Talckynerie, save Solindell from Rowena’s devastating influence.

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