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Our Book of the Week Is...

In Mother's Hands
by Colleen Avelli

The screams of the woman on the bridge, the menacing pounding of the waves, even Brian’s cries, they all seemed to float beneath her somehow. She felt peaceful, weightless; the wind and rain seemed to envelope her in a cocoon. And when she looked up to the bridge, it was not Brian’s terrified face she saw, but the smiling one of her mother. So when her foot began to slip from her boot, she did not fear what was to come…. She saw what she wanted to become, what was meant to come. The water would take her there—she let go and let it take her. On her journey to self-discovery, Susan Medyann must rely on her dreams, memories, and even her fears. For, as she realizes, the folds of time have creases in which the past, present, and future meld into one.


The best!
Outstanding! A must read. You will want this one under your Christmas tree. I was rivited. Couldn't put it down!--Shazam, Florida

In Mother’s Hands by Colleen Avelli is a tender and very well written story of love that must surely be eternal. Ms Avelli weaves and spins the life of her heroine Susan and her passion for her life and her dreams into a tale that leaves the reader excited, exhilarated, and wanting more. After the death of Susan’s mother, the four remaining family members have completely different reactions, and as we explore their ideas about life and the path each decides to take, we understand it as if we have gone through it ourselves. Their father, Wil, wants one thing for his children, but each of them has different ideas on how to achieve what they want. John heads for college, Michael for New Orleans to play his music, and as a few years pass, Susan follows her dreams to college and on to South America where she wants to do something that will make a difference in the lives of the people there. As this wonderful story unravels, Susan does indeed make a difference. And so does this book. IN MOTHERS HANDS is a good, well-written story, and more than that, it is a great read.--E. Don Harpe born wolf...DIE WOLF: The Last Rampage of the Terrible Harpes

A wonderful read!
A wonderful read with a strong plot and believable characters. Colleen Avelli takes ordinary family issues and turns them into something truly extraordinary. The entire account has a fairytale-like quality about it, which is confirmed in its last pages. In Mother’s Hands centers around “Susan”, a teenage girl who having lived through her mother’s death and her brother’s betrayal, is trying to put her life back together by following her dreams. Being led to South America by a desperate need to save the world the young woman enters into a battle, which has her knocking on death’s very door. Infused with just enough Celtic lore to keep even the most viscerally jaded reader interested, Avelli has succeeded in giving fans an outstanding gift – her talent.--K. Gallant, The Betrayal of Cerridwen

A powerful tale...
In Mother's Hands, by Colleen Avelli, is a powerful tale about a family that must cope with a great loss and learn to depend on each other more than ever. From its humble beginnings in the open fields and country home of young Susan Medyann, through to the jungles of South America and the story's fairy tale-like ending, In Mother's Hands takes you through young Susan's life and to the surprising secrets that await her. With plenty of emotion, interesting characters, and strange visions, Colleen Avelli presents a tale that will make you care about its characters and their story, taking you to many beautiful places and scenes along the way.--Daniel Malik, Chainsmoke & Pixie: The Legend Begins

In Mother’s Hands is a wonderful novel by author, Colleen Avelli. It is a heart warming story of Susan and her family, who are torn apart by the loss of their talented and beautiful mother, and the father who compensates with that loss by burying himself in his work. Tension erupts when Michal the youngest of the sons, chooses Rock and Roll music over college, and leaves home. Susan survives her childhood and teenage years with the help of her best friend, a horse named Cody. Susan later joins the Peace Corps and is sent to an area of devastation in South America. Here she is befriended by the Grana; a tribal woman who the natives believe has connection to the spirits. I will tell you no more of this story except this is where the mystery, love and magic are found as Susan rests in Mother’s Hands. The author is a wonderful and poetic writer with the ability of expression as only one in love with beauty can tell. A Must read. Five Stars.--Kathy Bunn-Schultz The Convent and the Rose

Review of Avelli's novel
A great read from beginning to end! The characters and imagery will stay with you long after you have turned the last page. Avelli gives vivid descriptions of the jungle landscape, scaling the rocky terrain, Susan's climb across the bridge, the way the Medyann family grew both apart and together...I felt like I was THERE! What began as an author's dream will also pervade into your own dreams- you will keep this story with you long after you have finished reading it. In Mother's Hand's is a love story that reaches beyond the boundaries of time and is a comfort to all who know of 'endless love'- true love, which stays with you regardless of the passage of time and through endless incarnations.--Donna Ragus, USA

Review by Chramosta
When I don't paint, take pictures with my digital camera or when I am not editing my family movies, I write. That doesn't leave me with much time for reading and when I do read, it's mainly technical literature, but once in a time a novel crosses my path and catches my attention. It's probably because "The folds of time have creases in which the present, past and future meld into one," as Colleen Avelli put it, that I have a chance to read the manuscript even before its release and am immediately immersed in a story like the one of Susan Medyann. After a slow start I was quickly drawn more and more into the story in which I didn't FOLLOW Susan to South America, I was there with her in this wonderfully different writing full of poetry in prose. I was inside Susan’s sometime surreal world, and once there, I didn’t want to leave. Thank you for a wonderful experience Colleen Avelli.--Vladimir Chramosta, Living To Learn or Learning To Live? and Driving Is Fun or Is It? (coming soon)

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