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Our Book of the Week Is...

I Chose to Survive
by Heather Horne

I Chose to Survive is author Heather Horne’s outlet for pain and rage, a biographical account (through poetry) of her marriage. Ms. Horne and her son were abused by her ex-husband. He betrayed them in ways you see in the movies and think, That will never happen to me, or, She must like that since she stays with him. As Ms. Horne puts it, “I used to buy into those stereotypes, and then one day, the stereotypes were me. I got out and we moved on, holding our heads high and thanking God for our lives.”

Every word in every poem is true. The poetry reveals Ms. Horne’s rage and pain, but more importantly, it bares her soul. She hopes I Chose to Survive will touch lives and offer encouragement. When you read the book, you will see that the author can proudly say, “I AM A SURVIVOR!”

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