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Our Book of the Week Is...

Falling Dominoes
by Herb Jaffe

An explosion rips the morning tranquility of a suburban New Jersey community. Flames engulf the driveway of a modest home as a car burns out of control. Firefighters respond immediately, only to find the charred remains of its lone occupant, Sonny Sloan. Who was Sloan? Why would anyone want to bomb the car of a disbarred, disgraced and divorced lawyer? The search for answers becomes an obsession for investigative newspaper reporter Jake Grogan, leading him into the world of organized crime…its control of the garbage industry…toxic waste dumping—all a setting for related murders. Grogan is not only fighting the system for answers, he’s at odds with editors of his own newspaper. He finds dirty hands belonging to prominent people, including the chief justice of the state’s Supreme Court, partners in a major law firm, and one of the media giants—a respected member of his own newspaper.

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