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Our Book of the Week Is...

Owl: The Winter's Son
by James W. Runyon

There’s a hole in the landscape of Appalachia that’s just big enough for the town of Mole Creek, West Virginia—a place that is buried with a ghost-white blanket in the winter, and shaded in green throughout the summer. Here, a tragedy occurred that has haunted the holler-town ever since. What makes the people here so cold? What has transformed the town’s children into an abnormal race with no regard for life and love? The world as this small mining town knew it changed when a man fell into a chaotic abyss of insanity and declared vengeance on those who had wronged him. He was too weak to fight them head-on. He was too unstable to move away. So, he devised a plan. One so brilliantly brutal that it would shake the foundation of the creek more than any mining explosive ever had. When it is over, those who live through it will see it over and over again in their dreams.


A book like this is hard to find, especially for a first time author. The storytelling is great, and the plot thickens until it all comes to a breath-taking climax at the end. Read this book. Or you'll miss out. And I mean MISS!--Stretch, North Carolina

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