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Our Book of the Week Is...

Trading Places, Raising Mom
by Sylvia 'Tip' Allison

Throughout the long enduring months after being told our mother had Alzheimer’s, it was so hard to realize she had forgotten her family. There were no more phone calls, cards or that sweet voice talking to us anymore. It wasn’t her with that cute little smile or just a friendly hug. This was a struggle for all of us; she had basically forgotten how to do anything. Medically through testing, her brain had given way to a devastating disease that would now control her very being. No more laughter, just a frown. No more talks, just a whisper. And now there were tears—tears that could not be explained. Worrying and fretfulness took over this loving lady, wondering where her children were or anything she could have thought of. She had just lost everything. Without the times we shared and knowing this lady gave me the best in life she could, I learned all over again the joy of motherhood. No matter what the reason, our loved ones need protection, the understanding of love, and patience. This is what I had to learn all over again after raising my three sons. I was now raising Mama.

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