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Our Book of the Week Is...

Hot Summer in Notrees
by J.P. Stewart

The moon began its ascent, its silvery light casting an enchanting tint to the distant Chisos Mountains, the narrow-toothed leaves of the sotol cacti and giant daggers bathing in the radiance.

At the line camp, now devoid of human presence, slivers of moonlight penetrated the roof of the barn. Rays of light illuminated golden treasures secreted in the fortress of hay, while at the top of the fort, the yellow barn cat watched and waited.

This is the story of a West Texas town and the summer it began to pass into oblivion. Coyanosa Malone, the dreamer, searching for riches. Titus Pike, renegade preacher turned rancher, his greed leads to his undoing. Houston McKenzie, disillusioned college professor. Sam the line rider. And not the most and not the least, Joe Howard, son of Miss Irma, the town storekeeper…two misfits in a world of imperfect people….

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