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Our Book of the Week Is...

County Justice
by Thomas E. O'Brien

Finding a mysterious crate while hunting, Jeep and Petey are subjected to armed assaults before they can turn the crate over to the authorities. James (Jeep) Patrick and Peter (Petey) McDade have been friends and business partners since childhood. They are quickly becoming aware of a diabolic plot to contaminate bottled drinking water and disperse it throughout Washington, D.C.

It becomes apparent that Jeep and Petey can’t trust the local authorities. There is only a small group of friends that can be counted on in this rural county. Protecting their loved ones and their country becomes their mission. The pain, heartache and misery this path leads them on threatens theirs lives.

Once it becomes obvious just who the architect of destruction is, the hunt begins. As friends start dying and the authorities try to close in, the prey escapes. When the pain of death strikes at Petey’s heart, a rage grows in him and the game is on. The adventure leads Jeep, Petey and associates to the hills of northern Georgia and County Justice.

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