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Our Book of the Week Is...

If It Ain't One Change, It's Another: A Memoir
by Radford Levan Talley

Badford Talley is a retired education administrator who holds advanced degrees in school administration. For the past nine years he has provided consulting services to education agencies, including the juvenile justice system in Georgia. As a consultant, he has spent most of his time writing grants and developing, implementing, and supervising programs for underprivileged and incarcerated students.

Because of growing up in a dirt-poor sharecropping family in northeast Alabama, Radford Talley has spent most of his adult life helping students who came out of an environment similar to his. Throughout his education career, his philosophy has been that all students can and will learn when their learning styles are identified and then matched with correct teaching techniques. He has written and published several articles related to helping students with special needs to develop positive skills that will enable them to become productive citizens.

In his own words:

The book If It Ain’t One Change, It’s Another is about the experiences I had growing up with seven brothers and two sisters as sharecroppers in northeast Alabama. I have tried to show how these experiences helped shape me and played a part in the directions and decisions I’ve made as an educator as well as a husband and father.

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