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Your Mother Has Suffered a Slight Stroke
by Kathleen Bosworth

Kathy's mother suffered a stroke during a routine medical test. Kathy was frustrated in her search for answers about her mother's prognosis. Slowly, her knowledge about patients' rights, living wills, and what to do when a patient's medical insurance and money run out, began to grow. She began to keep a journal of the things that she had learned to help other baby boomers, like herself as they face the difficult task of caring for their elderly parents.


Talented author, Kathy Bosworth, has written a timely and informative book for all who have aging parents or know of other with aging family members or friends. In a step by step discussion of the effects of a stroke on the loved one and on others who are "standing by," we are taken along on a daily, weekly, and monthly review of a family's coping and a "first-hand" account as understanding and adjustment becomes a primary focus in caring for the individual, in this case, Kathy's mother. It is a sensitive, touching, and informative account that can serve as a guide-book for many of us who do not understand the full impact of a stroke and its implications. It is written in a language we can all understand and the reader is drawn into the daily experiences until the conclusion of the book. I recommend this book for every home library as a source of referral and information. Your Mother has Suffered a Slight Stroke is a necessary and helpful read for everyone and the reader is sure to relate to Kathy and her family and their touching and poignant, true-life experiences.--Evelyn Horan - author Jeannie, A Texas Frontier Girl, Books One - Four

Bearing through the storm of unexpected ailment and deterioration in a loved one is never a sought-out experience. Kathy Boswell guides and prepares the reader for such a journey through clarity and honesty. Tackling the throes of hushed medical propoganda, retirement home adjustments, and neurological damage, she leads and enlightens through persistence born by love. We would be wise to share in her journey for our own family emergencies which are certain to arise.--Stephanie Sawyer, Texas

This is a stunning book. It should be required reading for every medical professional. Doctors, nurses, and therapists should have to read it twice, once in their first year of study and again before they graduate. I'm serious.

And that is not to say that only medical professionals will benefit from reading this well-written book. Kathleen Bosworth tells her touching story from the lay person's point of view. From that first heart gripping moment when she gets the bad news about her mother's stroke by phone, to the last page, the author's personality shines through. Her outrage, quiet humor, and sense of decency make this book stand out in ways it never might have if a lesser writer had created it.

Ms. Bosworth's mother had a stroke. That much can be gleaned from the title. From there the author takes each reader through a maze of doctors, nurses, and therapists who are less than helpful. Some are downright rude, or maybe ignorant. Her search for answers, and for professionals who have hearts as well as brains is detailed honestly. With the support of a loving, close-knit family, she struggles to find a constructive way of managing her mother's care.

Kathleen Bosworth educates herself about treatment plans, possible outcomes, patients right, living wills, and insurance coverage. With courage and determination, she and her brother fight the system to get their mother the loving care she needs and deserves. I recommend this book to everyone and repeat again: This is a stunning story.--James, The Midwest Book Review

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