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Our Book of the Week Is...

T.O.Y.S.: Tired of Your S*#@%!
by J. David Jamesson

T.O.Y.S.! is a book about gripes! It is the view of one man who has decided that enough is enough and instead of complaining about things to a small circle of family and friends, he is telling the world! If you don’t like controversy and honesty, don’t read this book!


I was never my intention to read this book! Indeed the very title told me I most likely would not enjoy an angry man ranting at the world , my taste runs more to fun things, that can make me laugh for a couple of hours...But fate would decree otherwise-- when we finally met at the Washington Union Station, 4 days ago..where Dave and Kevin had come in to pick me up, so we could go to Paula's camp out, an hour and half away in Virginia. It was there that Dazzling gave me his book, with a kind dedicace in it--so what could I do but read it..(What would you have done in my place?) Well folks, imagine my surprise, ( you know the kind where you almost fall on your arse..) after reading the first chapters, quickly going through the whole thing to make sure i wasn't mistaken..that I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING HE SAID AND WROTE! Whether he critics the Politicians, the legal system, racism, gay lifestyles, or the current trends in music, there wasn't a single chapter in which I did not agree wholeheartedly with him! For his reasoning is the kind based on sound common sense, the kind that many Americans think quietly to themselves-- but are afraid to express aloud. For fear of being thought retro, or worse uncool! But our David, with moral honesty, has written a book about his convictions and I say bravo to him! Besides I have to tell you, that he is still one good looking dude! with a terrific sense of humour, so folks do me a favor, non non, do yourselves a favor..go and buy his book! You won't regret it. Besides..(Would I lie to you?)--Pierette, Florida via Algeria

In this age of political correctness it is refreshing to see someone voice their thoughts openly. Although I do not agree with some of his views, Dave’s book makes you stop and think about the situations we are facing today. Perhaps if more Americans spoke out - society would stop taking the side of the un-silent minority. An articulate point-of-view from one man, T.O.Y.S. is a must read for anyone who is unhappy with the way society is changing America.--Donna, Virginia

I was given this book as a gift and was THOROUGHLY intrigued! It is serious and yet humorous and more importantly...HONEST! No one reading this should come away angry but more willing to be honest themselves! The chapters on "Race" & "Gay Lifestyles" are right on the nose! If you don't buy this book, you are just another Unattached" human being! Great Job...Great book...GREAT honesty!--Justin C, Tuscon, Arizona

This would be a 5 star rating but I gave it 4 because NOBODY is perfect!!! I saw the cover and laughed...I read the biography and was sad...I finished the book and I was angry enough to send a letter to the editor of the local newspaper...called my senator...yelled at the pets and went outside and spit with the wind instead of against the wind!!!! This book is what everyone should write! This book and the author has balls and yet I found it by accident when it should be a best seller! I have read it thoroughly 6 times now and if you get pissed after the first reading, read it again! The religion issue seems to be misunderstood as some have taken offense to it but if you read it again and again,you begin to realize that the author is not rejecting a "higher being" but simply stating that we all need to quit claiming exclusivity with our belief and faith! There can ONLY be GOD/CREATOR/HIGHER BEING, etc., so quit killing people because your is better than mine! Immigration, a problem worse than cancer! We ALL better pay attention and demand restraint! Good Job me thinking AND acting on what I am "tired of"!--Kent Hunzicker, South Carolina, USA

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