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Our Book of the Week Is...

The Pegasus Affair
by B. Davis Greer

FBI Agent Rab Jacobson, like many top-notch professionals, finds his personal world falling apart. His misguided priorities have cost him his wife, his young daughter and even his faith. He is a good cop who has lost his way. As he tries to sort things out, he must defer his own priorities in order to neutralize a diabolical terrorist plot against the United States. He teams up with an old college chum and fellow “Aggie” (OSI Agent Shawn Brubaker) to investigate the series of attacks.

First an airliner departing from Boston’s Logan IAP is sabotaged. Then a prominent politician’s plane crashes mysteriously. Now the senator from Florida is dead. Who’s next? Where will the next disaster occur? Someone had better find out fast! The trail of terror leads up the East Coast, from Florida to Washington, DC. Thousands of lives are at stake, and the clock is ticking!

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