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Our Book of the Week Is...

More than Just a Butler
by Matthew Merten

Ana was a man born to a household of affluence but at a young age turned his back on it all to join his country’s largest religious order: the Priesthood of Pero. More Than Just a Butler chronicles Ana’s early years as he rises from the position of an insignificant butler in an insignificant department of the priesthood, to become one of the six most powerful men in his nation. As part of this climb to power, Ana meets, comes to despise, and then turns to avidly follow a man named Ishpi. Ishpi would not only become the most powerful man in their nation, but for a brief period of time, the entire world as well. More Than Just a Butler is a work of historical fiction that was intentionally written with its time, place, and culture shrouded in mystery. As each chapter progresses, the reader is given more clues until he realizes he has heard this story before.

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