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Our Book of the Week Is...

It Happened Near the Cliff Rock
by Shirley Kiger Connolly

He is the handsome, arrogant lawyer who has inherited his grandmother’s estate, and who always gets what he wants. He wants her. She is the naïve and sheltered woman who has spent her life caring for her family in a tiny town with nothing. After an unexciting four-year engagement, she suddenly finds her world turned upside down when she meets a man she really loves, who unfortunately does not share her faith. Haunting dreams, personal secrets, and alluring temptations cause her to make choices that could change the course of her entire life as a Christian woman. What will she do with yesterday’s revelations? How will she deal with this man of the world? Will she return to her prison-like existence and to a loveless marriage? It Happened Near the Cliff Rock takes us on a journey of unforgettable secrets, love, and long-awaited redemption from beginning to end.


"I came across this book at my local bookstore. This is well-written. I love the characters the author brought out and the way they intertwine in her story. Good job. Would like to see more like this." - Ramona, New York

"It Happened Near the Cliff Rock moved well from beginning to end. Although it was shorter than I expected the author did a good job keeping me interested. I believe this little book will go far." - Darlene, New York

"I was looking forward to reading this from cover to cover. I got to read the drafts! I think God is gong to really bless this work. Thank you Shirley!" - Suzanne, Indiana

"A very entertaining story. Full of surprises, a little romance, and even mystery. I enjoyed this Christian romance and will recommend it to my friends." - Diane, California

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