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Our Book of the Week Is...

The Black Pearl of Osis
by Ingrid McCarthy

A girl, seen skipping in a poster, draws a boy into her world, a kingdom threatened by the evil power of the Black Pearl of Osis. The boy learns he is destined to liberate the kingdom from that evil power. After being trained by a wise master, he unlocks the magic power of the girl’s skipping rope and turns it into a beam-throwing weapon. Together with the girl, a dog and the skipping rope as their weapon, he sets out on a dangerous quest to destroy the Black Pearl of Osis and lift the mystery that surrounds its owner. On their way they face death, separation, traps, floggings, dungeons, traitors and a fight in the coliseum. When, finally, they come face to face with the owner of the Black Pearl of Osis, the story takes a surprising twist and the children’s loyalty to each other is severely tested. The Black Pearl of Osis is the first volume of the Osis fantasy trilogy.


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