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Our Book of the Week Is...

The Fairy Chronicles: Book One:
Marigold and the Feather of Hope

Beth Parish is an eight-year-old girl blessed with a marigold flower fairy spirit. With her mentor, a monarch butterfly fairy, Marigold learns how to be a fairy, and discovers things like the Fairy Handbook, the vast variety of fairy wands, how to create fairy lights, the purpose of fairies, what gnomes do, and the three things gremlins are afraid of. She attends fairy circle and meets her new friends —Thistle, Dragonfly, and Firefly. They discover that the brownies, keepers of the Feather of Hope, which is the source of all hope on Earth, need their help. Marigold must enlist the aid of her dachshund, Peanut, in a daring mission to rescue the Feather of Hope from a house occupied by dangerous gremlins.



"This is an exciting and fanciful story of a young girl, who is also a fairy, saving the Feather of Hope from gremlins, with help from brownies and her dachshund, Peanut. I loved the idea of the "fairy handbook" that ages with the fairies. I want a "regular people handbook" that ages with me, to give me advice as I journey through life. I became completely lost in this tale and almost thought it was real until the tooth fairy tidbit. The variety of fairies and fairy wands in this book is interesting. I also like the nut message aspect of this story. I would like to send nut messages instead of phoning. Maybe this will encourage children to rediscover the lost art of letter writing. I certainly struggled to remember the last time I actually sat down and wrote a letter. Also, I would be prepared to swear that the Aunt Evelyn character in this story is really my Aunt Charlene. This book has made me extremely curious as to why fairies can get trapped in jigsaw puzzles. I hope that information will be included in future books. Overall, this is an incredible fairy story that I will be reading again and again for years to come." - Catherine - Ohio

"Any book with a dog like Peanut is worth reading and rereading. Add in brownies, gremlins, fairies, and lemon jellybeans to create the perfect recipe for fun. A must read for fairy tale lovers of all ages." - B. Carlisle - New Mexico

"This author has found an exciting way to entertain while exposing young readers to diverse cultures and nature appreciation. I have read the book to my 3 year old daughter, and amazingly the story held her interest! She actually asked when we were going to read the story again. Thank you for making this excellent adventure available for readers of all ages." - Liz Guerrero - Texas

"As a grandmother, I was interested in what children are reading. This book has it all -- lessons to be learned, humor and for us older folks memories of younger years rekindled. A fairy tale for all ages. Hope to see much more of this author. " - Jean Burket - USA

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