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Our Book of the Week Is...

Sin of the Poppas

James McKinley Hibbard is named after Grand Poppa. His grandmother is quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t have named a devil after that man! Not the devil himself!” This was the start of a generational curse that would plague the life of this child and generations to come. James gives a heartbreaking account of violence, deaths, alcoholism, affairs, crimes, immoralities, car wrecks, prison, murder, physical abuse, and much more! Through his eyes we experience his painful moments, his humor, and his desperation to save his children, their children, and all children from such anguish. Is Sin of the Poppas truly a non-fictional book about a generational curse? Or is it just another story of “the devil made me do it” criminal life? Read about the miracles and the tragedies of this author’s life. Then, you be the judge!



"This book made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me mad as hell that an innocent child should suffer such abuse." - Merrill - Ohio Butler County

"This book I have just finished is a life changing reflection of life not knowing the around us that have been through as many tragedies as this author has endured to emerge to put his life and others out in the open so that others that are hurting has a opportunity to emerge with there head held high I will wait for the movie hope to see you on Oprah. GREAT JOB!" - Doug - Ohio

"James McKinley Hibbard has always had a short fuse, and been in a whole lot of trouble because of it! He would have ended up in reform school at the young age of ten, when he first displayed his fiery temper, had the charges not been dropped. Thus his rebellious life had begun, and would continue throughout his adult years. Jimmy Hibbard may not have been the most powerfully built man in his community, but his short temper made him a dangerous man to rile and a real force to be reckoned with. When confronted, he could react violently with lightening speed, and land a punch in less than the blink of an eye. Jimmy Hibbard was definitely not a man to be messed with! This is a story of violence, crime, sex, abuse and adultery. All the ingredients to create an absorbing tale of a family's inability to fight off their inner demons. Instead, they have been fighting the rest of the world and taking their punishment, most of which was deserved. Only one miscarriage of justice, to this day, remains unresolved. This is a book of hope for the future, without a fairytale ending. Buy it now!" - Shelagh Watkins - Author 


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